Puzzle Rooms in Fort Collins: What ConTRAPtions has to Offer

September 4, 2018

puzzle rooms in fort collins

ConTRAPtions creates unique new puzzle rooms in Fort Collins to shake up your typical escape room experience. We believe that an escape room shouldn’t just be a fun challenge for you and your friends to solve using your brains and your hands. It should also be an adventure, a storyline, like the plot of a movie.

Our current escape rooms either put you in a mafia kill room you have to escape, or in the mind of a jewel thief, tasked with heisting a precious diamond from a crafty artificial intelligence feature. You have a time limit, a few clues to work from, and your wits. Together with your friends, you need to work together and solve each brain teaser and challenge to reach the end.

Our Fort Collins puzzle rooms put you to the test and create scenarios that immerse you in the problem and make you do the work to escape. You’ll see our unique puzzles and gadgets shifting and unlocking as you move through the puzzle and solve each problem as it arises. Take your friends with you, because you’ll need all the help you can get when navigating these scenarios.

For a new level of live action, immersive game entertainment, and puzzle rooms located in Fort Collins, we’d love for you to check out ConTRAPtions. Our escape rooms and scenarios are designed to make you work with your group and achieve something together. While you may not be guaranteed a win in solving our escape rooms, you can be sure that your experience will be unique, challenging, but also fun and rewarding. Even a failed escape room is a great opportunity to learn how you can work better together as a team and use all of your strengths. Your actions solving the problems around you make a large difference in the final outcome.

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