Plight of the margo

our most challenging room yet.
do you have what it takes?

answer the distress call

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You are the returning crew of the rescue starship Evangeline. You were away on leave, but have been called back early due to a distress signal received from the starship Margo. Your mission, now that you are back on board, is to decrypt a hidden trail of information in order to piece together the Margo’s secret flight signature. You must then find the Margo, figure out what happened, and attempt a rescue in deep space.

Halfway through your mission, the straits are dire and the plot has thickened. The clock is ticking down to an explosive end, but will it be your own? You must work together to fulfill your original mission, carry forth an unexpected legacy, and ideally, live to tell about it.

Plight of the Margo is a two-part adventure. Each part is 90 minutes long and takes place in the same space. The total game play is 3 hours. You may book these back to back, or book Part 1 and return later for Part 2. Your game progress and puzzle progression are saved electronically. When you return for Part 2, you don’t have to repeat anything you’ve already completed in Part 1. Please be advised that you MUST complete Part 1 before moving on to Part 2.

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2021 Top Escape Rooms Project

Once again nominated by the Top Escape Rooms Project for 2021.

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TERPECA2019Award 2

2019 Top Escape Rooms Project

Rated one of the Top Escape Rooms Project of 2019 by some of the most experienced escape room enthusiasts in the world.

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2019 Golden Lock Award 1

2019 Golden Lock Award

One of the few winners of 2019’s Golden Lock Award from Room Escape Artist.

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