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    ConTRAPtions Coupons and Promo CodesOctober 30, 2017

    10 Ways to Save 10% at ConTRAPtions   Everyone loves a deal, so here's the skinny on ConTRAPtions coupons and promo codes: 1. Students, your ID is your coupon! Students save 10% as a retroactive discount on your booking when you show us your student ID before your game! Limit one discounted ticket per student ID shown. 2. Poudre District Library card holders, your card is your coupon! We are proud ... Read More

  • fort collins team building escape room

    Fort Collins Best Team Building Escape RoomOctober 8, 2017

    Teamwork is arguably the best indicator of productivity in the workplace. While quantifying it may be difficult, promoting it is super easy (and fun!) Escape rooms offer some of the best team building experiences out there. In short, all the elements of working together under pressure are there: deadlines (see that timer counting down?), mental exercise, different angles, effective communication, de... Read More

  • iris door, new room, contraptions, escape rooms

    Whispers of a New RoomAugust 2, 2017

    "When are you opening a new room?"   We get this question a lot. Well, we're still a few months out, but we thought we'd offer a sneak peak of some of our latest ConTRAPtion action. This iris door is one of the newest original mechanical novelties that you've come to expect from ConTRAPtions. A few months from now, this device will feature in our - wait for it ---- our ... Read More

  • second escape room proposal

    Another Escape Room Proposal at ConTRAPtions!July 13, 2017

    A second round of romance came our way last month with another escape room proposal at ConTRAPtions! We were honored to help Joel orchestrate a fantastic surprise for his bride-to-be, LeAnne. And what a job he did! He selected a custom riddle for the couple's keepsake version of the Tiger's Eye diamond, composed a touching note... Read More

  • escape room alcohol policy

    Can You Escape The Drink?April 14, 2017

    People often wonder about escape rooms and alcoholic beverages. They wonder if we serve alcohol here at ConTRAPtions, or if they can bring it with them when they come. (The answer to both is no!) Sometimes people ask how the game play is after a few dinner drinks. (The answer to this one is usually fun, loose, and with varying degrees of success!) Some bars like the SafeHouse in Chicago are now integrating ... Read More

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    5 Tips For A Great EscapeMarch 17, 2017

    As any aficionado knows, some escape room tips are generally helpful, not only for success but for fun! No one can exactly predict what will make a great escape room experience. There are so many factors that have to marinate in any game, depending on the scenario and personalities working together. No two games are alike. Here are five things to keep in mind during any 60 minutes of escape in order to achieve maximum enjoyment: 1. Play nice with the other kids. Whether you are ... Read More

  • escape room clothing policy

    Don’t Escape Your Shirt!February 27, 2017

    Business owners lose their shirt all the time. We try very hard to hang onto it! But shirts have now become optional on the streets of Fort Collins, for both men and women. Interesting times! Universal toplessness is the new thing on the local news front. Some folks say it's crazy, some say it's progressive. Some say this new distraction will be a traffic hazard, although the ruling court apparently dismissed this point as speculative. It might be speculative or anecdotal, but may we say the DUH... Read More

  • Escape Room Philosophy 101February 17, 2017

    Traditional escape room philosophy is to, well, escape the room. In most rooms, however, there is more to accomplish than merely escaping four walls. Some room scenarios involve time travel, saving the planet, disarming a bomb, or of course, stealing a diamond. The mission for players is to work together and pool brain power to accomplish... Read More

  • One Couple’s Escape Room Proposal StoryFebruary 11, 2017

    A dose of inescapable romance just in time for Valentine's Day Most star-crossed lovers aren't trying to escape Cupid's arrow. Some star-crossed escape room aficionados, however, try very hard to escape the conventional when it comes to proposing marriage. For them, an escape room ... Read More

  • escape games what are they

    What’s An Escape Room, Anyway?February 3, 2017

    The short answer: an escape room is an awesome way to spend an evening with family, friends, or coworkers. A little history about escape rooms Escape rooms, or ER's as the aficionados call them, are a relatively new form of entertainment that started about 10 years ago. In 2007 the first room popped up in Kyoto, Japan. Creator Takao Kaato was a puzzle enthusiast who wanted to bring his own adventure to life an... Read More