Covid-19 Update – Come escape the coronavirus blues!

March 20, 2020

escape corona virus

We at ConTRAPtions are doing our part to help keep everyone healthy during this time. Here is an update on what we are doing to be proactive with the corona virus situation as it constantly evolves.

Room limits meet social distancing guidelines

Room times are staggered as groups come and go at separate times, and the rooms are each in different parts of the building. We will keep players updated as any changes are made by authorities. Our indoor space currently allows for the required social distancing in all the common areas as groups rotate through, even during busier times.

We don’t actually lock the door!

So if you need to check your phone, get a drink of water or feel the need to wash your hands mid-game, you are free to come and go as you need to. No one is physically trapped in the space per fire code requirements.

Private rooms

All bookings will be private by default until the virus passes and social distancing guidelines are eased.

Sanitizing, sanitizing and more sanitizing!

We are sanitizing constantly, between games, and at the start and close of each regularly staffed day. All commonly touched areas like doorknobs, room props, player touch screens, etc. are being wiped down after every game. We are also encouraging players to wash their hands afterward as an extra precaution.

Flexible cancellations

If you or a group member are feeling sick, please stay home and rest! If the group would like to reschedule when all group members are able to participate, we are extra flexible during this time for reschedules and game vouchers. Our normal cancellation policy can be found here. However, if you are suddenly ill the day of and wish to reschedule, we are willing to make exceptions. We live in interesting times!

Let’s keep our chins up as a community

The simple reason: life must go on! We feel it’s important to offer fun, interactive activities during this time of heightened fear and isolation. Remember that this too shall pass. We will be as careful and smart as we possibly can while we wait for this pesky virus to run its course. In the meantime, remember to look up, and smile! Nix the handshake perhaps, but do remember to say a friendly hello to your fellow man while you are out and about. We’re all in this together, and we can keep our chins up as a community.

Bring your mask for use in common areas (but not the room, don’t worry)

Come visit us for a great interactive adventure, and don’t forget to bring your mask. We are asking everyone to where one in the common areas like the lobby and bathroom. You do not have to wear it once you’re in the room for your game.


For those wishing to venture out to have some fun and stick it to that pesky virus, our hats are off to you! We hope to see you soon for an awesome time with friends!