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Plight of the Margo Escape Room is Complete!

plight of the margo escape room

Plight of the Margo Part 2

That’s right folks, after many more months of streamlining, we the ConTRAPtioneers are pleased to announce that Part 2: Libertatum is finally here! The riveting conclusion to Initio (part 1) has graduated from its soft open and is now on the regular roster. Players will be able to choose part 1 or part 2 when they select Plight of the Margo on our escape room booking page. Please note that part 2 cannot be completed without playing part 1 first. Because of the difficulty of this room, there is also a 4-player minimum. We recommend grabbing as many of your friends as you can. The more hands on deck the better!

Here’s why:

Two-part room that takes place in the same space

First, our Plight of the Margo escape room is a two-part experience. Each part is 90 minutes long, for a total game-play of 3 hours. Players can complete the two halves back-to-back, or space them out by as much time as the group desires. Secondly, our unique game status integers allow us to save game progress electronically. When players return for part 2 after a brief hiatus, we reset the room to the state players left it after part 1. No time-wasting repeat puzzles, each part is one whole escape game in and of itself. The resulting Initio – Libertatum fusion creates an amazing, extended deep-space experience unlike anything else in the escape room world.

So much cool tech to play with!

Plight of the Margo, like all the escape rooms here at ConTRAPtions, incorporates actual, applied industrial motion control. Our in-house Mechaneer is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible to build into a room escape experience. Because of this, all the pneumatics, pressurized air lines, actuators and robotics are 100% real. To sum it up, Plight of the Margo is our magnum opus, the culmination of all the applied tech we’ve used thus far. It is the longer, more focused, mission-driven and narrative-guided room escape experience that fans have been asking for.

Come see what everyone is talking about at ConTRAPtions, and don’t forget the rest of your crew. Fleet command looks forward to your mission!

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