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New Escape Room Mission Briefing

new escape room fort collins

New escape room mission briefing:

The date is 05-29-2511, ED (earth date)

Welcome back to the Evangeline, crew. Here is your mission briefing.

This is Captain Wilhelm Auxilio of the Evangeline. I want to apprise you of some helpful information before you begin your deep-space journey to rescue the starship Margo.

The Margo is piloted by none other than Captain Lazare Descubrio, with whom I’ve enjoyed the privilege of friendship for many years. He made quite a name for himself throughout the cosmos. The man has ventured to places so remote that no member of the human race had set foot there before. My friend Descubrio often mused that the significance of a person’s footsteps going out their front door was no less than their first footsteps on a new planet. They carry the same potential. He was a very philosophical man; he believed that what humans do in time and space will have effects that outlast even this lifetime.

Now Descubrio is missing, and he is a notoriously difficult man to find.

Captain Descubrio always kept his cards close to his chest when it came to the enterprises of his ship. He encrypted nearly every traceable aspect of the Margo, including its manifest, itinerary, and even its flight signature. This is incredibly hard to do. No other ship in the galaxy has been able to do this successfully. It is one of Descubrio’s best-kept secrets, along with the Margo’s myriad other mysteries that the encryption has concealed. He once told me that he did this to keep the competition off his tail, but I always wondered if there was more to it than that.

Just over a year ago, I volunteered the Evangeline to host the Fleet’s yearly gala. As a category EST4300 rescue escort, we were the perfect choice for an event that thousands of people would attend. Our aggregate cabin space expands to allow for large additional passenger in-take. Within short order, we docked on Targonia Planet to begin preparation.

A trail of breadcrumbs

I was unaware at the time, but during the two weeks we docked for the gala, Captain Descubrio and his crew clandestinely placed hidden information throughout the Evangeline. In short, compiling this information will point to the Margo’s whereabouts and also reveal its encrypted flight signature. Descubrio informed me of this just after the gala. He called it a ‘trail of breadcrumbs,’ that would lead us to the Margo in the event they ever needed a rescue. I strongly suspect one of those breadcrumbs is the journal he ‘accidentally’ left on our ship sometime during the event.

I do not know his reasons for this precaution. He only mentioned that his next voyage was likely to be the most dangerous one he and his crew had yet attempted.

In conclusion, it seems his worst fears have come to pass. Our current mission is to find and rescue the Margo.

Be prepared for anything, crew. You never know what you might encounter in the depths of space…

—Auxilio out

PS–Our new escape room in Fort Collins is a two-part adventure, each part is 90 minutes. It is an adventure of the mind to the stars, so come check it out!

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