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ConTRAPtions New Escape Room: What’s Taking So Long?

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“A man can get lost out here…. not just between the stars, but in his heart”

Dear readers, I’d like to introduce you to Lazare H. Descubrio, captain of the starship Margo. Our ConTRAPtions¬†new escape room, The Plight of the Margo, is part of his story, a story that players can both share and shape. It is more than just an escape room. It is a journey to the stars, a journey of the heart, and a live adventure that takes experiential theater to new levels.

We’re all waiting!

So it’s been like, a year and a half… what gives? Yeah we get that a lot. Trust us, good things come to those who wait. It has been as much of a journey for us as it has been for our brave captain. So what are some of the seriously epic wicked sick awesome and cray-mazing reasons this new escape room is taking so long? There’s so much to tell, but here are just a few:

Multiple outcome scenarios

You heard correctly. YOU, dear readers and players, will to some extent be in charge of the outcome of this adventure. There are currently four scenarios, each with varying difficulty and some more sacrificial than others. Programming these story pathways into the room has been daunting, to say the least! But we really want to offer something to our players that we have not yet attempted, and we feel it’s worth it.

Player-determined navigation

When we say it’s a journey to the stars, we mean warp speed ahead, Mr. Sulu! Players will be able to jump between sixty unique systems and planets. One of our goals for this room is to make space travel in the game feel as real as possible. (Did I mention programming has been daunting…:)

Teleportation devices

Whaaaat? Of course! The year is 2511 ED (Earth Date). Communication between starships has progressed to include the ability to teleport physical objects from one to another. It will be up to the crew (aka, players) to figure out how to use this to their advantage when the clock is ticking down.

Stay tuned for the latest news!

Drop us a line to let us know if you would like to receive any updates or want us to add you to our email list. We eagerly await the day when we send out the announcement that this room is finally open. It will be a day to remember. While we thought we had some reasonably firm dates for its unveiling, due to some recent snags we’re currently resolving, we’ve decided to just say you’ll know when we do. All we can say for sure is, we will make it so.

And we can’t wait! Bear with us a little longer, friends, as we work to bring you something that was born out of our own inspirations, struggles, and revivals along the way. We hope the experience of this new escape room will be much more than just a fun night out. We hope it will rekindle the creative and persevering muse in everyone who plays!

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