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Build Teamwork and Solve a Fully Automated Fort Collins Escape Room

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For two years now, ConTRAPtions has trapped Northern Colorado customers in a truly one-of-a-kind immersive escape. When you think about an escape room, what emotions come to mind? For some in the Denver and Fort Collins areas, it can be frustration and even disappointment. Sometimes those who try an escape room for the first time come away not wanting to play one again. More often than not, they have this outlook because of poor setup, lack of support or failing technology. If this is you, we want to encourage you to give escape rooms another try! At ConTRAPtions, no detail is too small for our carefully crafted commitment to seamless game play, amazing gadgets, custom-designed puzzles and thought-provoking storylines.

Build Teamwork and Solve a Fully Automated Escape Room

Not many escape rooms are fully automated for fun like ours at ConTRAPtions. It takes considerable time and effort to build a fully functioning, automated escape room. But it’s worth it to put customers in a situation that feels real and offers a gratifying challenge. Our unconventional technology is something you won’t find anywhere else. We equip each room with industrial grade props and devices we make ourselves, from pneumatic locks and sensors to automatic sliding doors. Most escape rooms use padlocks and generic puzzles we’ve all seen before. Here at ConTRAPtions, we go above and beyond the ordinary to give customers a truly refreshing game of the mind.

We take great pains to ensure our custom-built technology is both seamless and story-integrated. When you use the clue and solve the puzzle, you go right to the next challenge with no technological hang-ups or delays.

High-Quality Challenge

We understand players want an escape room challenge that is also highly enjoyable. They expect quality gadgets and tools for the task at hand. How many times have you visited an escape room to run into missing clues or technical difficulties? Believe us, as escape aficionados ourselves, we understand the frustration! When it comes to technology, ConTRAPtions rooms stand apart because they work the way they’re supposed to. They give you just enough information to puzzle through the obstacle without making it impossible.

It will take good communication and teamwork to escape from either of our rooms. To open the industrial diamond safe in our Tiger’s Eye room, for example, you and your group will all have to put your brains together. Escape rooms are best played in teams, and team building has never been more fun and challenging!

ConTRAPtions escape rooms are fun for everyone from kids to grandparents. We work hard to make our imaginative scenarios and high-tech puzzles accessible to everyone! You’re sure to enjoy unraveling each problem to achieve the goal every time you visit. Book online with us today and renew your enthusiasm for what in our opinion is some of the best live entertainment around!

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