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Can You Solve These Unique Fort Collins Puzzle Rooms?

puzzle rooms in fort collins

We at ConTRAPtions create our Fort Collins puzzle rooms with a combination of technological mastery and immersion you won’t find anywhere else. Our rooms put you in control, testing your strength against complicated situations that feel real. Each puzzle room creates a unique scenario that you need to conquer. If you can work together and solve each new challenge as it comes along, you will master the puzzle room.

As you move through your scenario, you’ll see the high-tech gadgets unlock and the room change. You’re writing your own story in our one-of-a-kind puzzle rooms, and each decision you make affects the outcome.

Something for everyone

No engineering experience needed, leave that challenge to us! Anyone can play, whether techy, artsy, logical, story-loving, kids, grandparents and whoever! There is something for everyone in our escape rooms.

Fortunately, there is no one correct way to escape our puzzle rooms in Fort Collins. You’ll have to find your own path through the narrative that we create.

Right now, you have a chance to escape from a mafia kidnapping scenario before the time runs out, using only the objects in the mob den, your wits, and your teammates. You can also try to outwit an AI construct that protects a priceless diamond you’ve been tasked with stealing. Can you escape with your lives and/or your diamond? Come by ConTRAPtions today to see if you have what it takes to make it out alive from these unconventional escape puzzle rooms.

Check out Mikaela Rodenbaugh from the Fort Collins Coloradoan, as she experiences one of our escape rooms first-hand.

Neither of these Fort Collins puzzle rooms is your typical escape room game. Instead of the padlocks and other common features usually found in puzzle rooms, we take our challenges to the next level. Our puzzles unfold automatically as you solve them. At ConTRAPtions, you can watch our gadgets and devices come alive as you solve the next challenge and make it to the next clue. We guarantee you’ll have fun working from one part of the story to the next.

Book One of Our Fort Collins Puzzle Rooms

Ready to see if you and your group have what it takes? Call us today at 970-226-3843 or book with ConTRAPtions online.

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