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New Escape Room Whispers

new escape room fort collins

“When are you opening a new escape room?”


New escape room in Fort Collins? We get this question a lot. Consider this post our whispers to you about what is coming up. Well, we’re still a few months out, but we thought we’d offer a sneak peak of some of our latest ConTRAPtion action. This iris door is one of the newest original mechanical novelties that you’ve come to expect from ConTRAPtions Escape Rooms. A few months from now, this device will feature in our – wait for it —- our new room! Because we build all of our puzzles in-house, we’ve actually been working on the pieces for quite some time. Now we finally get to start construction on the room itself!

Mum’s the word on the theme, but we can say that ConTRAPtions is adding some fright to this room…. dun dun duuunnnn! Players will definitely want to make sure they use the restroom before playing. Unlike our other escape rooms which are kid-friendly and not scary, this room will have the fear factor that, quite frankly, many players have been asking us for. Because of the added scariness, this room may not be appropriate for young children. (But adults, who doesn’t like to jump out of their skin now and then? Reminds you that you’re alive!)

“I want to play it now!!! When will it be open??”

Do we have a set in stone opening date? Past experience has taught us that good things come to those who wait. The work will finish a few months from now, we just don’t know exactly how many months yet. We hope the process will expedite as the build becomes more complete. It’s likely to take a little longer since our goal is to combine the best aspects of our existing escape rooms. But we can say for certain it will be a wowzer when it’s done, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the video and pictures. Feel free to drool a little, and we hope this sneak peek will drum up your anticipation for ConTRAPtions’ new escape room when it finally unveils itself!

ConTRAPtions’ new escape room

If you’re not a fan of words, just watch the video!

And enjoy some teaser photos of the tech that will go in this room:


new contraptions escape room laser photonew contraptions escape room strobeoscope dial photoair cannon new room contraptions escape rooms

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