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5 Tips For A Great Escape

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As any aficionado knows, some escape room tips are generally helpful, not only for success but for fun! No one can exactly predict what will make a great escape room experience. There are so many factors that have to marinate in any game, depending on the scenario and personalities working together. No two games are alike. Here are five things to keep in mind during any 60 minutes of escape in order to achieve maximum enjoyment:

1. Play nice with the other kids.

Whether you are playing with people you know or strangers, no one likes a puzzle hog. So don’t be one! We all get competitive sometimes, but don’t let your winning drive spoil the fun for your teammates. Even if you are the one actively working on a puzzle, consult your fellows, get another pair of eyes, and give the other players updates on your progress. Involve each other! Which leads me to my next tip:

2. Pass things around.

Everyone sees and thinks differently, so capitalize on each other’s strengths and different brains!¬†Share clues and read things aloud to each other. The more brains absorb a piece of information, the more likely that information will be properly used. Also fewer subtle clues will get missed.

3. Move quickly.

Treating the escape room like a timed test can help you shift your focus from the unimportant to the important stuff. Between a detailed story and intricate puzzles, there is usually a fair amount of information to sift through and story to process. Not every escape room is story heavy, but the good ones often have a reasonably integrated plot. Some rooms include more tactile clue finding, while others focus on bigger ticket puzzles to crack, but there will always be elements of both. It’s also common for escape rooms to have a couple (but not too many!) decoy items that add to the atmosphere but don’t mean anything, so picking up the pace can help you eliminate the unnecessary more quickly.

4. Look from a different angle.

It helps to think outside the box when it comes to puzzles. There might be more than one meaning, hidden figures, or objects that change when viewed from different angles. If you have a hunch, try it! It never hurts to try. Sometimes too many incorrect attempts result in a temporary lockout or something that will cost you time, in which case you may need more caution and information. But in general, if you think it might work, check it out!

5. Remember to have fun!

It sounds clich√©, but of all the escape room tips, this one will enhance the experience more than anything. Remember this is a recreational activity. You’re here to spend time with friends both old and new, accomplish a mission, and use your brain at the time. So have a positive attitude, and have a blast!

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