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Don’t Escape Your Shirt!

escape room clothing policy

Business owners lose their shirt all the time. We try very hard to hang onto it! But shirts have now become optional on the streets of Fort Collins, for both men and women. Interesting times! Universal toplessness is the new thing on the local news front. Some folks say it’s crazy, some say it’s progressive. Some say this new distraction will be a traffic hazard, although the ruling court apparently dismissed this point as speculative. It might be speculative or anecdotal, but may we say the DUH factor remains!

Politics aside, ladies, let’s ponder a bit before we go let the girls out in the sun. Remember we’re talking about a rather powerful asset that has shaped kingdoms and empires, inspired artists through the millennia, and nourished every generation of new life. Safe to say they’re a bigger deal than their male counterparts? Perhaps! Is this a bad thing? Jury’s out. 

(Yes I did use ‘they’re’ and ‘their’ correctly;)

Here at ConTRAPtions Escape Rooms, our mission is escape! Escape for an hour from work, life, stress, monotony. But please, don’t escape your shirt. Whatever your position on universal toplessness, please remain considerate of businesses. The no-shirt-no-shoes policy is still the standard in most places of commerce and recreation. That goes for women and men.

So keep the shirt, but escape the room! We all feel trapped in our own clothes sometimes. That’s why escape rooms are a great way to break out, have some fun, and throw off for one hour (figuratively, not literally) the conventional trappings of our everyday lives.



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