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One Couple’s Escape Room Proposal Story

escape room proposal story fort collins

A dose of inescapable romance just in time for Valentine’s Day

Most star-crossed lovers aren’t trying to escape Cupid’s arrow. Some star-crossed escape room aficionados, however, try very hard to escape the conventional when it comes to proposing marriage. For them, an escape room proposal story is the only way to do it!

Meet Randy and Leela, who became our first couple to share the romance at ConTRAPtions. Leela, who enjoys escape rooms, had long stolen Randy’s heart. When he found out there was an escape room in Fort Collins where you steal a diamond, he thought what better place to hide the most important diamond of all: the one he would present to his soon-to-be fiancĂ©e!

So we helped Randy hide the ring box. Then we reconstructed a few clues, changed a code to match the date they began their relationship, hung white lights, and programmed his handpicked music into the room’s audio. Last of all, we laser engraved a custom version of the Tiger’s Eye gem with a riddle of Randy’s own making. This riddle ultimately led his sweetheart to the box’s hiding place, after which she turned to find Randy down on one knee. And…. cue the music! The result was an incredibly romantic, uniquely tailored escape room proposal, all their very own.

Randy told us he had been hinting at a proposal in Paris to throw Leela off the trail. But according to her, this was much better. How ’bout them diamonds, Cupid!

They also gave us permission to share their heartwarming proposal video here.

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She said yes!
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