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NEW ROOM – NOW OPEN! | Party @ Grandma’s House

Get the family together and come try out BRAND NEW room, Party @ Grandma’s House. Built and tested to be the best game in town for Kid’s Parties, Family Outings, or just simply bringing out your inner child. This room is perfect for kids, parents, grandparents, friends and anything in-between. Come give it a try today!

Room Description

“Grandma invites you over to her house for a party, but she is nowhere to be found! Grandma can be a bit of a prankster and a whole lot absent minded!

She leaves herself little post it reminders – maybe you can decipher the “real” date of the party invite! Grandma has a very active social life so there may only be one “date” left.

As you are searching- you are sure to find cookies and juice Grandma has left for your enjoyment (if it’s for a birthday – you can upgrade to cupcakes and the party room).

This room is perfect for first time Escapees, Families and Children of all ages! Whether you are 6 or 88, there is always a party at Grandma’s House!”

*room includes cookies and drinks that you find at Grandma’s House | book as a birthday party to upgrade to cupcakes, drinks, and an additional hour for gifts/party time



Plight of the Margo

Plight of the Margo escape room thumbnail

Your crew must journey through the stars to find the distressed starship Margo, but you may have gotten more than you bargained for... come find out what!

Two-part room, each part is 90 minutes. 4-player minimum, age 12 and up. Narrative-rich, challenging puzzles, perfect for those who appreciate world-building in an escape room.

Success Rate: 20 %

Difficulty: 5 / 5

Total Time: 90 minutes

Fright Factor: 3 / 5


Mafia Gallery

Mafia Gallery escape room thumbnail

Your testimony put away a killer, and now the mob is out for revenge. Can you refuse their offer and live to tell about it? Come find out!

Family-friendly, no player minimum, age 5 and up. Our most 'traditional' escape room, with subtle tech and lots of small-clue finding. Recommended for first-timers.

Success Rate: 51 %

Difficulty: 3 / 5

Total Time: 60 minutes

Fright Factor: 1 / 5


Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye escape room thumbnail

A sentient AI guards the controversially acquired Tiger’s Eye diamond. Can your group of agents outwit her in order to heist the diamond without getting arrested? Come find out!

Family-friendly, no player minimum, age 5 and up. More tech-prominent, mid-level narrative, with less scavenging and lots of unconventional main puzzle items.

Success Rate: 45 %

Difficulty: 3.5 / 5

Total Time: 60 minutes

Fright Factor: 1 / 5

Plight of the Margo
Plight of the Margo
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Mafia Gallery
Mafia Gallery
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Tiger's Eye
Tiger's Eye
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One of the Best Escape Rooms

“I’ve been to many escape rooms, and this definitely fits the top ten rooms I’ve visited, ever.”

Hamad al Foudari on Google

Best way to spend an evening in Fort Collins!

Raybox on TripAdvisor

“No old lock and key, it was a modern room as if in a real bank.”

Brittney Ti N on TripAdvisor

Plight of the Margo was breathtaking. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

David Spira, Room Escape Artist

Plight of the Margo is a work of art…. you feel like you really are on a futuristic spaceship.

J Patterson on Google

Escape Rooms with Advanced Technology

“By far the best escape room I have ever been to, with the coolest technology and the craziest puzzles. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for in an escape room.”

Matt on World Of Escapes

The tech is a cut above the rest.

John W. on TripAdvisor

I have done a lot of escape rooms and this is the one I tell all my friends about.

JChen199 on Google

I was blown away by this place.

Thea Hamm on Google

So much fun, worth the drive from Wyoming!

Kayla Dunnuck on Facebook

Different in every way from others that I have done.



Johnathan Conrow on Facebook

“Great escape room with plenty of challenge. Allows large groups.”

Nate Overton-Katz on Google

The technology is unmatched.

Dylan M. on Yelp

Great Team Building for All Ages

“A great team-building exercise for the family. We had ages 5 to 50 and had a great time.”

Deb Roby on Facebook

Most unique rooms in town.

Chris O'Connell on Google

Didn’t Want to Leave the Escape Room

“We didn’t want to leave! We will be reminiscing the clues for days!”

Linda A. on Yelp

The way they integrate technology and puzzles is impressively seamless.

Evan A. on Yelp

Contraptions has set the bar insanely high.




Aigon17 on TripAdvisor

Plight of the Margo is an amazing experience.

Chris on TripAdvisor

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What to Expect

ConTRAPtions offers a whole new level of immersive escape rooms in Fort Collins, CO. Our scenarios feature moving automation, sensors, and other unconventional items. You won’t find the common padlock or generic puzzles typical of most escape games. At ConTRAPtions, we strive to give our customers the very best experience possible. Nothing in our Fort Collins escape rooms is as it seems–do you have what it takes?


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ConTRAPtions is the perfect choice for your corporate team building event or getaway. Come play hooky for an hour with your coworkers, or just stop in on your lunch break and test your mettle against any of our room scenarios. We also offer events outside of normal hours. See the link below for more details!


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