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Located In Fort Collins, Columbia, and St. Charles

Variable pricing at each location.
2 to 3 players – $23-$40.
4 to 10 Players – $18-$35
Ages 5 to 8 – Discounted

ConTRAPtions Escape Rooms offers unique experiences in

three different locations!


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Find out what escape rooms await you in Columbia, Missouri!
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St Charles,

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Find out what escape rooms await you in St Charles, Missouri!
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Fort Collins,

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Find out what escape rooms await you in Fort Collins, Colorado!
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You and your friends are on a weekend get-a-way in the mountains when your car breaks down on a secluded road. You have no cellular service to call for help. Looks like a storm is brewing on the horizon. It’s almost dark outside. You look around and see lights in the distance. You start walking. After awhile you come up on a drive that leads to an old house with the light on. It’s beginning to rain. You proceed to walk up the drive to see if you can use their phone. You get to the door, ring the doorbell and it doesn’t work. The door opens…you go inside…Will you be the Soul Survivor?

Frequently asked

No way! That movie scarred us for life. Think more like Clue or National Treasure. Team up with other members of the group to find the clues, solve puzzles and accomplish the goal, which in a traditional escape room is to, well, escape the room. But we’ve added a new spin on things, so come check it out!

Our rooms are designed for groups ranging from 2-10, with the ideal group size being 4-8. Plight of the Margo does require a group size of at least 4.

Mafia Gallery and Tiger’s Eye are 60 minutes, and each half of Plight of the Margo is 90 minutes. For corporate events, we also offer a play-until-you-win option if desired, and if time permits.

Our recommended player minimum age is 5 for most of our games at all locations. The minimum age for Plight of the Margo is 12. Families are welcome and the game is probably most enjoyable for ages 10+. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult in the room. Children under 16 require an adult to remain on the premises.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:
4 or more days before the booked date: full refund given
2-3 days before booked date: game credit to come back
Same day: no refund given

Example: if your game is on Saturday and you let us know of a cancellation on Tuesday, you qualify for a refund. If you let us know on Wednesday, you qualify for a game credit to match the value of the cancellation. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or vouchers for same-day cancellations. Same-day cancellations wishing to reschedule are subject to a rescheduling fee equal to 60% of the original booking. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that a schedule change resulting in a reduction in ticket price is also subject to this policy. A schedule change resulting in an increase in ticket price can be paid for on site at the time of arrival.

The goal in a traditional
escape room is...

Well, to escape the room. In most escape rooms, however, there is more to accomplish than merely escaping four walls. Some room scenarios involve time travel, saving the planet, disarming a bomb, or of course, stealing a diamond. The mission for players is to work together and pool brain power to accomplish the goal and beat the room.

The rewards of a good escape scenario are immense, not just for the owner but also for the player. For one well played hour, a player can get lost in a game so he or she physically moves and acts in real time and space, with other people. Not in cyberspace with faceless strangers, or the Internet’s truncated space. Not sitting on a couch, poised over a board game or where action cards truncate time.

No friends, too much time gaming on the internet can become all consuming in our already cluttered mortal lives. Time and space should become allies to our recreation and enjoyment. Friendships become stronger in the process when you play together in the same physical space! Worth the $$$? We think so.

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Team Building and Private Parties

ConTRAPtions is the perfect choice for your corporate team building event or getaway. Come play hooky for an hour with your coworkers, or just stop in on your lunch break and test your mettle against any of our room scenarios. We also offer events outside of normal hours. See the link below for more details!

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